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Introducing Roger Muller, the esteemed owner of Second City Pizza, Beef & More.
Roger Muller

Getting to Know Us: An Introduction to Our Restaurant, and the Person Behind It

Chasing Authentic, Savory Delights

A Bit About Me and Our Restaurant - Hello, I'm Roger Muller, a proud Chicagoan turned Floridian, fueled by a lifelong ambition to run my own restaurant. With a culinary arts degree in my pocket and over a quarter of a century's worth of experience, I warmly welcome you to Roger's Second City Pizza Beef & More. This name change and new logo are tributes to my dear mother, who passed away in 2021, whose spirit continues to inspire us.

The Spark That Ignited My Journey - My love for food is the cornerstone of my journey! My earliest memories are of me assisting my mother in the kitchen, learning the art of cooking from her. This restaurant is my way of honoring her legacy. As a native of Chicago's West Side, I was born into a city rich in food culture.

A Taste of My Hometown - The heart of Chicago, for me, beats in its pizza, hot dogs, and Italian beef, my personal favorites! But in Florida, it's challenging to find this kind of enticing cuisine. I know that the unique flavors of Chicago might not resonate with everyone. Perhaps they haven't truly experienced it yet! But I'm here, hopeful and excited, to introduce them to the exquisite taste of my beloved city…


With Gratitude,

Chicago Foods of Florida

Where it all started -Second City Eats Pizza and Beef - Port Richey 9409 US-19, Port Richey, FL and 13229 US-19, Hudson FL

Where in Florida it all Began