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About Rogers

Roger Muller owner-of-Rogers-Chicago-Beef-and-Pizza-Hudson-Beach-Florida

Honest, Flavourful Food

A Few Words About Our Restaurant and Myself

My Background - I'm Roger Muller, born and raised in Chicago and moved to Florida to follow my dream of owning my own restaurant. I have over 25 years experience and I have a culinary arts degree. Come visit us at Roger's Chicago Beef, now "Chicago's Untouchables" in New Port Richey Florida.

How I Got Started - I love food! I grew up helping my Mom cook and learned everything from her. I was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago, and lived in Chicago and the suburbs until (2017). It was then when I moved to FL to follow my dream.

My Taste - Coming from Chicago, which is known for the Pizza, Chicago Hot Dogs and Italian beef! These are 3 of my favorites... There is limited access to this type of delicious food in Florida. I know not everyone gets the Chicago style or taste. Perhaps they just don't know! Hopefully I can help them learn how great it is…

Thank you,

Rogers Chicago Pizza Beef and HotDogs - New Port Richey Florida
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